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Colt McCoy, making Longhorns look good

If there was a way to watch the Cleveland Browns-New England Patriots game, I couldn’t find it. Thank goodness for ESPN’s Gamecast and Twitter. Or I wouldn’t know how good Colt did in a 33-14 beatdown of the Patriots. He’s making the 2010 stinker Horns look good, if only for what they had vs what they’ve got.

Come home, Colt

No chance of that, of course, but we can wish. He won his second NFL start against (yipes) the defending champions New Orleans Saints. And he’s already the cautious talk of Cleveland fans and sportswriters:

“McCoy did exactly what was asked of him on Sunday by not turning the ball over and showing the same moxie that he showed a week earlier in Pittsburgh. What McCoy does is make you curious about what he can do next.”

Yep. We saw plenty of that and we sure do miss it. If Colt can just stay uninjured, he’ll go on making us all wish he was still eligible to be a Longhorn.

Good goin’, Colt

Even the Austin locals were joking all week about how the Browns better have the ambulance ready when McCoy started his NFL career against the Steelers. Well, he was sacked five times, and blitzed by the Steelers’ bad-boy Harrison.

And he threw two interceptions. But he impressed most who saw him, with his 23 for 33, 281 yards and one TD, even if the Browns, as expected, lost the game. I still think he’s injury-prone, but time will tell on that one.

Horns to NFL

Congrats to Earl Thomas (Seattle), Sergio Kindle (Baltimore), Lamarr Houston (Oakland), Jordan Shipley (Cincinnati), Roddrick Muckelroy (also Cincinnati), and Colt McCoy (Cleveland).

The daily is sputtering over McCoy, the winningest, etc. being a late, second round pick (long after Bradford and Tebow), but I’m not surprised. I still say he’s injury prone and I think we’ll see that in his (probably short) pro career.

Colt McCoy: injury prone

Colt’s injury last night, which probably cost Texas the BCS championship, was hardly the first time.

Not even the first time for the shoulder he said after the game had no feeling. He’d hurt it before, in 2006, followed a few weeks later by a severe pinched nerve in his neck. Then, in 2007, he suffered a mild concussion.

Says here he will now prepare for the NFL draft. He probably shouldn’t. Not only is he likely to sustain a greater injury in that more difficult arena, what team would want to invest millions in a fragile player of questionable health? He wouldn’t otherwise suffer. The Texas alumni association will see that he is gainfully, prosperously, employed for life.


Have to laugh to see that Rasmussen has a poll out showing 55 percent of “fans” expect Bama to win tonight at the Rose Bowl. I laugh because that was almost exactly the prediction level in 2006 when Texas played USC for the national championship and won. Then, people would say, Texas would be nothing without QB Vince Young. Now they say the same about QB Colt McCoy who they expect will be corraled by the Bama defense. I expect (as I did in 2006) that Texas will win it, but, again, it will be close. It’ll be a defensive struggle most of the way.

UPDATE:  Well, with McCoy apparently out of the game with an injured passing shoulder, Texas is down 18 points at the half, 24-6. Texas was looking great before Colt got hurt. But the Texas defense is not stopping the Alabama run. So, even if backup QB Garrett Gilbert was completing some of the passes he has overthrown or the Texas receivers were not dropping the few good ones, Bama might still be well ahead. Hard to see a way, frankly, that Texas can win it now, without a big improvement of their defense in the second half.

FINAL:  I don’t feel so bad with the 37-21 loss to Alabama. The Texas defense held them scoreless for 29 minutes in the second half while the offense pulled within 3. Then Bama created a fumble and got a pick and scored on both. Game over. It shows that Texas might have won if McCoy had not been knocked out. Funny thing about him, though. He is by far the most injury-prone QB Texas has ever had.

Colt to win the Heisman?

I wouldn’t have thought so, after an undistinguished season–other than helping get his team in the championships. But after his three awards last night–the Maxwell, the Davey O’Brien, and the Walter Camp–it certainly looks like The Tuscola Kid is about to walk off with the biggie, as well. On the other hand, Vince also won the Maxwell, but didn’t get the stiff-arm statue.

UPDATE:  Alabama’s RB Mark Ingram won it. Now he should get ready to meet the Texas defense. Heh.