Recruiting problems

Army recruiting, while meeting its goals, plainly has a problem obtaining educated recruits, according to Stars & Stripes.

"In fiscal 2006, which ended Sept. 30, only 81 percent of Army recruits were high school graduates. That is the smallest proportion of graduates that the Army has brought in since 1981, the first year of the Reagan administration…A second worry is that the Army usually sees its proportion of high school graduate recruits increase after graduation, in the months of June through September. Last summer, for the first time, no such spike occurred."

The business-as-usual-at-home, here-you-guys-take-it-all, while the news media and half the country’s politicians bad-mouth the effort, seems to be having the predictable effects. The pity of it is that the country is not driving the war, as it did in Vietnam, but the enemy is. How to fix?  

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