Nice wet May

About 7 inches of rain fell at the airport and another 7 inches at Camp Mabry last month (the official Austin raincounter sites of the National Weather Service), about 2 inches more than normal for a May, which is usually wet. Seablogger says the rains have already come to droughty Florida, although TS Barry isn’t due ashore (near Tampa) before tomorrow morning. Its huge circulation is well ahead of its core. Two named storms already this year. Makes you wonder if it really will be as rough as forecast, or a bust like last year. Texans often are in the embarrassing position of having to wish for rain from tropical storms or hurricanes (knowing someone on the coast will have to get blasted first) but not this year. We’re flush with wet. Probably a tipoff that we’re headed for more. Feast or famine is the weather rule in Texas.

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