One ornamental plant that’s doing very well at the rancho this fall, where leaf-raking continues.

0 responses to “Plumbago

  1. Striking color. Have you used flash?

  2. Yep. It was overcast and really dark.

  3. Does not plumbago freeze back, where you live?
    I have thought about planting some several times, but the cold intolerance bothers me. Even here in Brazoria, south of Houston, we sometimes, rarely, but still, get a killing frost.
    I just hate to see a plant I’ve taken care of for two, four years or more have to be whacked off at ground level, so much so, that I’d rather not plant them. Having said that, I will admit to having planted, this year, some hibiscus, etc. that have that same problem. But in a place where I can protect them easily.

  4. We don’t get many “hard” freezes here. One or two a winter. You’d need a hard freeze of four or five hours straight to kill it and even then it would come from the roots in the late spring. Ours always does. I’d go ahead and plant it down there and forget about it, unless it takes over the bed and then just cut it back. In winter, when the woody stems are bare, just cut them back to a few inches high. It’ll all come back by late spring. Very hardy.