Fred’s dead and McCain is a pain

Fred’s distant third in South Carolina probably means he can start taking long naps again, but surely someone (Mitt? Rudy?) can stop McCain, the irascible liberal Republican, who won. He’s the MSM’s darling, which ought to be clue enough. Nominate this guy who pretends to talk straight while refusing to call his amnesty for illegal immigrants amnesty, and you get a guy whose main claim to fame is he would fight the Islamic fanatics. I suppose that might be enough. He could match wrinkles with Hilarity. He would look awful old opposite Obama, but Obama’s anti-war, which would be a good contrast. Clinton/Obama would be sure raise taxes; McCain might not. But I’ll still cross my fingers that Mitt or Rudy blows out Florida in time to derail McCain. They have his advantage without his negatives.

UPDATE:  Romney leads in the delegate count, but has yet to win a big primary, on the order of SC or NH. Mitt’s been hit for being too slick, but he should look sincere next to argumentative McCain.

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  1. Noleftturns needs to rethink some o’ dat… it’s highly doubtful (if not flat out unlikely) EVERYONE who drops out will endorse McCain. Romney is miles closer politically to Thompson and Huckabee than McCain.
    While I pray we don’t see a repeat of 1996 (nominating someone because it’s his freakin’ “turn”), I still think once we get to the enmasse closed primaries, McCain will dissipate quickly like early morning fog. Conservatives haven’t forgotten how many times that man has stabbed us in the back.

  2. I agree, Anna. It’s not likely they’d all endorse McCain. Only Rudy, maybe. Seniority used to play a part, hence Dole’s lackluster (and losing) candidacy. I need to scout out a list of their delegate totals. I think Romney is ahead on that.