It’s May, so the day white lilies must be in bloom at the rancho. And, sure enough, here they come. 

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  1. #1 – them is Easter lillies (lilys?).
    Day lillies is (usually yeller or arnge) and the leaves are shaped differently.
    Are you sure you aren’t really TFG?
    And, BTW – you don’t mean that you are still sitting around thinking that W is going to stand up on his hind legs, are you? After eight years of, much better, opportunities to do so already?

  2. Dick Stanley

    Thanks, JD, you’re right. Them is not day lilies. Google showed me they are “white lilies,” and also that I had misspelled lilies, by using three Ls. All fixed.
    But, no, I am not TFG. I don’t make the solar system mistakes he does, now.
    As for Dubya, I think he has been trying to emulate Reagan, by not paying much attention to the media or by explaining himself too much. But, of course, Reagan was not prosecuting a war. I’m afraid you’re right, it’s not likely George will go out fighting back. More’s the pity.

  3. Yeah, and I see I misplaced a parenthesis.
    Bush has just been so disappointing, to me. He just never measured up to what he could have been. That is one reason I despise him so much.