In the tank for Barry

I grew tired years ago of the NYT’s favored political narrative. So I wasn’t surprised when they ignored the Swift Boat veterans in 2004 to help keep John Kerry’s effete head above water. Followed of course by the rest of the old media sheep, which like to run the day’s political narrative from the NYT on their front pages. Until Kerry sank out of sight on election day. Now they’re doing the same for Barry. Not that it will help, I don’t think. I’m still with VHD on the subject: Barry will be the McGovern of 2008, losing even his home state of Illinois. Not a popular prediction, I know. But if you allowed yourself to live within the old media’s bubble in mid-2004, the idea of Kerry losing also seemed preposterous.

UPDATE: "Calvinball" begins. Newsweek signs up for Barry by issuing the "rules" of campaigning. As if.

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  1. It looks like McCain may face an unexpected competitor:,7340,L-3542385,00.html
    Couldn’t it endanger his position?

  2. Dick Stanley

    Even the Liibertarian’s aren’t stupid enough, I don’t think, to help push Barry into the White House. In any case they aren’t strong enough. Ron Paul supposedly is thinking of doing something similar. But his backing is minimal. Just enough to make noise, I suppose. But when it comes down to a choice between McCain and Obama, I think Barr’s and Paul’s acolytes will get on board.

  3. I don’t think the libertarians will produce a stronger showing this year than in previous ones. I generally find that most libertarian minded folks are realistic enough to not put their eggs in a third party candidate that will surely tip the scales to a Democrat who would surely not support their libertarian goals.
    But this has been one crazy election year, so who knows.

  4. Dick Stanley

    Sounds right to me, Roland. And neither Barr or Paul has the support a Ross Perot would to spoil McCain’s run.