Lollygagging Dolly

It’s beginning to look more and more like Dolly will go in near the mouth of the Rio Grande, about where the hurricane center originally had it pegged. So agrees Eric Berger at the Chron. And maybe only barely a minimal, category one, hurricane, she’s been so weak so far at just fifty mph. That would be good news for most on the Texas coast, but bring us less rain than we might otherwise get to cool off our long string of hundred degree days. Heck, I even have the landscapers coming tomorrow to trim one of the back forty’s live oaks where its branches are dragging on the rancho’s roof, to save the shingles, if there were high winds from the storm’s remnants coming inland. Looks like I jumped the gun. But we’ll know more about that tomorrow.

0 responses to “Lollygagging Dolly

  1. You oughta get those limbs off your roof anyhow – you don’t need a hurricane to do some serious damage.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Very true, but I have been hampered by the landscaper’s schedule and the fact that live oaks are susceptible to oak wilt if trimmed before July. Not to mention the hoards of tree huggers who would descend on me if I dared trim before the favored time. But we would miss the tree if it died. It helps keep the temperature low in the south end of the rancho.