Houston after Ike

The Texas Rainmaker, who did not evacuate, has a good post on the storm, the aftermath, and the continued deprivations in the old (1830s-40s) capital of Texas. His photographs tell the story of downed trees and signage, blocked roads and long lines at gas stations and groceries better than words. Our evacuated friends from Kingwood, on Houston’s northwest side, are still in Austin, but not staying at the rancho as they have two dogs. A wonder they found a hotel that would take the dogs, but they did.

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  1. I always wondered whether the kind of 4×4 and dry walls buildings don’t invite disasters. I don’t really know how a stone or concrete building will fair, so it’s more a feeling than knowledge.

  2. I guess it would depend on how thick the walls were and how they were tied to the foundation.