* Not sure how CGHill gets "Land of Cheerfulness" out of Terra Vigoris, but I like it and the moon shot is awfully nice.

* From wedding meme to divorce parody in one week! Must be an intertubes record of some kind.

* Ann has done some supremely weird things with the look of her blog, but this one is nice. I still can’t get into her comments, however. Curse Google forever.

* Tikirobot has some strange stuff, but, so far, none are funnier than this bicycle river jump video.

* Not many people (I would guess) know that the Marx Brothers got their comedy start in Texas.

* And, speaking of Texana, it’s pretty cool that my old friend Texas archeologist Tom Hester has given Birdie Rose, who died one day shy of her ninth birthday in 1879, a special kind of immortality on the web.

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