Barry’s war on the coal industry

Sometimes it really looks like Obamlot is out to destroy the economy and much else. Or maybe they mean well but are just too stupid to figure it out. Where, for instance, do they think the electricity comes from? Pssst, guys, it’s not in the wall. It’s mostly from coal. What do they think people will do without ample electricity? Start an insurrection, probably. They sure ain’t gonna freeze in the dark while Michele and Barry party and play golf.

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  1. I have to think it’s a combination of ignorance, stupidity and malice.
    Ignorance because I think he really believes a lot of leftist cant. He’s been so immersed in it for his whole, adult life that he can’t imagine anybody not agreeing with him.
    Stupidity because he thinks that America is so strong that it can take anything he does to it as he skims off the top for himself and his friends. He doesn’t realize he’s changing the system that made America great. The Constitution is why we’re who and what we are, not anything to do with geography or whatever.
    Malice because he’s a Chicago Machine Politician and he’s stealing for himself and his buddies as he tries to take total control over our economy and everything the gov’t is not supposed to do. He’s in bed with Acorn, the vote-fraud people, so the Dems can be a permanent majority.
    Count on that last part, soon.
    Confidence in the sanctity of elections is what holds America together. We vote, they count and the winner wins, the loser concedes.
    Leftists have changed that. They’re still whining about how Bush stole the election when in reality-land, Gore failed in his attempt to steal it.
    In Washington State the Republican won for gov but it was close, so they had a recount, they found many new votes from a Dem area, the Republican still won. Another recount, found some more votes, the Dem wins. yay!!! No more recounts. The Dem won by hundreds and there were found to be at least well over a thousand improper ballots but a Dem appointed judge said it didn’t matter, Minitru ignored it and the Dem won.
    Let them try that nationally and there will be a problem.
    Just because this end of civilization is so funny doesn’t mean it’s not endy.

  2. I don’t think Barry and his pals are going to get very far along with this one. It may take them a while to figure out that their lives won’t be worth a nickle if they succeed, but I think they’ll come around to the realization soon enough. Even the Chicago gangsters can be practical when it is required.