Jihad for real

The old media is saying Army Maj. Malik Nidal Hasan killed twelve and wounded thirty-one at Fort Hood, northwest of Austin, today because he was being deployed to Iraq the war and "was upset about it." Sure. I’ll bet.

The FBI, always quick to put its foot in its mouth, already is saying it was not terrorism. As if they could possibly know. Sounds like jihad to me, pure and simple. Otherwise the fool would have killed himself, eh? Rather than execute and cripple strangers.

MORE: Instapundit, as usual on any big breaking news, has a good roundup. More Jihad evidence. Naturally, pathetically, it comes from a British newspaper. Well, Fox had it, too. You know, that news service Barry-the-journalism-expert hates so much. Meanwhile, Newsweak (who else?) blames the Pentagon for overstressing troops like the noble doctor. No Jihad on their radar. Surprise, surprise.

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