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Multi-cultie triumph (boycott the military, now)

The extraordinary conclusion of every branch of the American armed forces: to cover-up Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s  repeated, self-professed Jihadi beliefs as a factor in his killing of 13 and wounding of 32 at Fort Hood in 2009.

Obviously, politics outweighs command responsibility, to the point where your commander will needlessly endanger your life. Take my advice, guys, this is not the time to enlist, or to accept a commission.  You should boycott these chickenshit bastards until they reform themselves.

Twenty years after it became a common motif in the American legacy media, and despite its recent denunciation as a divisive promoter of segregation, intolerance (and in Hasan’s case official blindness) by the governments of Britain, France and Germany, multiculturalism has become official U.S. dogma.

STICKS AND STONES. Dallas County multiculturalism in action.

Our cowardly Army

The terrorist attack on Fort Hood wasn’t really a terrorist attack. The Army’s public report does not use the words Islam or Muslim, let alone terrorist, despite witness accounts that Maj. Nidal Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar!” as he opened fire with two personal pistols at a health center.

The whitewashed report shows the Army is like every other public institution these days, so hopelessly mired in political correctness that truth plays no role. It would be a mistake to encourage anyone to serve, since the military obviously will not bother to protect its own. If this continues, someday soon it will be too cowardly to protect the rest of us.

Via Power Line.

Will Fort Hood’s dead and wounded get Purple Hearts?

That’s a more loaded question than it may appear. Depends on how you define what happened there. Was it a massacre in the war on terror? Then they get Purple Hearts. Or was it a lone wacko’s criminal act? in which case, they don’t.

PTSD is not contagious

Take it from one who knows. So the dimwit media, trying to obfuscate and excuse the Muslim major’s murderous fling at Jihad, are just taking you and every other sucker down the garden path to stupidity. Grow up and realize that there really are traitors in our midst and this kind of nonsense only strengthens them.

UPDATE: It may be too late. Our society may already be too sick to survive.

In Memoriam


Via Lone Star Times.

Want to help?

Chaplain’s Fund Office
Bldg 44, 761st Tank Battalion Ave.
Fort Hood, TX 76544-5000
Checks should be made payable to COTF (Chapel’s Tithes and Offerings Fund) with a note on the memo line stating "Nov. 5 Tragedy."

Army killer’s 9/11 connection

While our military, media and feds fall over themselves trying to pretend they have no idea why Maj. Hasan would murder and cripple 43 people, a Brit newspaper finds another supposedly-missing link to Jihad. Gee, what a surprise.

UPDATE:  At least one national pol has the common sense to draw the logical conclusion.

Jihad for real

The old media is saying Army Maj. Malik Nidal Hasan killed twelve and wounded thirty-one at Fort Hood, northwest of Austin, today because he was being deployed to Iraq the war and "was upset about it." Sure. I’ll bet.

The FBI, always quick to put its foot in its mouth, already is saying it was not terrorism. As if they could possibly know. Sounds like jihad to me, pure and simple. Otherwise the fool would have killed himself, eh? Rather than execute and cripple strangers.

MORE: Instapundit, as usual on any big breaking news, has a good roundup. More Jihad evidence. Naturally, pathetically, it comes from a British newspaper. Well, Fox had it, too. You know, that news service Barry-the-journalism-expert hates so much. Meanwhile, Newsweak (who else?) blames the Pentagon for overstressing troops like the noble doctor. No Jihad on their radar. Surprise, surprise.