More like New Jersey every day

Left Mr. B. with our favorite babysitter this evening and headed downtown to join Mrs. Charm at a reception for one of her old friends. It took almost two hours to get there in bumper-to-bumper traffic, creeping along the speedway MOPAC (Loop 1) at roughly five mph. Not a wreck in site, just beaucoup traffic in the pouring rain. Austin is more like New Jersey everyday. Except, thank G-d, it doesn’t snow.

0 responses to “More like New Jersey every day

  1. It is an old saying – If you can live in New Jersey, you can live anywhere. (basically because it has all the extremes from hot to cold). Survived most of my first 63 years living in NJ. Joe

  2. When did you live in New Jersey? (Basic and AIT at Dix does not count) I guess alot of people must like it since it is one of the most populated states. Eva

  3. I always heard the saying was if you could succeed in New York City you could succeed anywhere. The only saying I ever heard about New Jersey was that it was a State of Mind. That used to be the slogan of New Jersey Magazine.
    I’m not saying New Jersey was the worst place I ever lived. That honor would have to go to Ankara, Turkey. I’m sure New Jersey has many good points, though the only ones I ever cared about were the Pine Barrens and the shore. It was simply too crowded for me when I left it in 1978. It can only be even more crowded now.
    I got there following a woman I was living with at the time. I worked there from late 1975 to early 1978 before taking a job offer to move to Austin. By then the woman and I had broken up.
    Austin was not crowded at all then. It has become so in the meantime, though comparing the crowding to New Jersey’s is an exaggeration. I hope it never gets that bad.