Killing the goose

Mr. B’s idiot school system has put a new requirement on parents of students: We now must have background checks, clearance before we can volunteer to help out in our child’s classroom. Imagine that. The days of the volunteer cupcake-maker are numbered.

Mrs. C. says I am living in a fantasy. She says this is the way of the world these days. They already dislike cupcakes, she points out, because of the crumbs. The head classroom parent assures me that this is a pain, yes, but it’s necessary for the safety of our children.

I say this is worse than a pain. It’s pretend security. It’s pretending that since all the good folks will obey the rules, the bad ones will, too. It will not protect the children and the bureaucrats know it. This is like the no-guns sign at the entrance, which is just an assurance to any criminal that this is a facility full of unarmed victims waiting to be slaughtered.

0 responses to “Killing the goose

  1. It’s funny how accurate Heinlein was.
    He had the lowest opinion of school boards, lower than pretty much any other breed of human besides pacifist.
    They don’t think about the consequences of their actions it seems.
    After all, they’re trying to do good, what could go wrong?

  2. School boards are just about the most basic form of representative government and are frequently the most infuriating as they strive to cover their heinies.