Miles Austin’s girlfriend

It’s funny. This is one of those Roberta Vasquez moments. I hardly know who Miles Austin is. Okay, he plays for the Dallas Cowboys. But his girlfriend? Beats me.  Yet, today alone, “Miles Austin girlfriend” has brought me 45 visitors.

I’m sure they leave disappointed. There is no picture of his girlfriend here. There is a picture of former Longhorns football star Aaron Ross’s girlfriend, track star Sanya Richards. So when folks Google for a picture of Austin’s elusive squeeze, right there in the No. 5 slot is my picture of Sanya. Heh.

0 responses to “Miles Austin’s girlfriend

  1. Uhu… thats’ precisely the way. Google way, at least.

  2. It seems so.

  3. So does he have a gf or not? I didnt get this.

  4. Like it says in the post, it beats me. But I would guess there is not one particular one, giving the thousands who are seeking and not finding some notice or a picture of her.