Hill Country B&Bs


Of all the B&B’s in the Hill Country, Gasthaus Meyer is the only one I’m aware of that began as a stagecoach stop more than a hundred years ago. Today it’s a collection of buildings, most old, but a few new, backed up to Cypress Creek in the historic little town of Comfort. Mrs. Charm and I will be spending some time there in mid-March, leaving Mr. B. at the rancho with his grandma down from Fort Worth. Something we used to do every spring before he was born. Just in time for the wildflowers, we hope.

0 responses to “Hill Country B&Bs

  1. B & B’s? In Texas?

  2. Yep, for those who are tired of the crowding and funny accents in Yankeeland.

  3. Looks inviting. But no see, I guess?

  4. No see? Try the link.

  5. It’s not that crowded up here!

    Jersey just got its first park.

  6. Dick Stanley

    Hey, that’s progress. But I heard Philadelphia was shut down by snow. Again.

  7. Yeah, we had an all-time record amount of snow this winter-70 some inches. We really don’t get much snow most years-often only 5-10 inches-the average is 22, if I remember correctly.

    Being 60 miles from the Atlantic and maybe thirty from the Delaware Bay makes for pretty mild winters, typically. Much milder than you’d see in mountainous areas of W. Virginia, say.