House on High Street

Copy of ComfortHouse.JPGa

Finally getting around to posting some Comfort, Texas, photos. Had so much fun on our stay there, I didn’t take many, but I liked this limestone cottage on main street. Except for the useless gutters. Either rain here is too light to need them, or heavy enough to overwhelm them.

0 responses to “House on High Street

  1. Gutters… it was like sticking a finger in my wound. Since we have gutters installed (my mistake in listening to a well meaning doofus), we hadn’t have a winter without a leak.

    But yes, limestone is warm and makes a special house.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Cool in the summer, too, oddly enough. The rancho came with gutters when we bought it. Every time there’s a big rain, I get watch it overflow the gutters. Leaf collectors is all they are good for.