Throw the bums out

We need a thorough housecleaning in Congress in November. And term limits.

“Watching the Commander of the Pacific Fleet’s deadpan face as Congressman Hank Johnson (D., Ga.) asks him about the danger of the island of Guam tipping over and capsizing is a glimpse of how the viziers to the loopier Ottoman sultans must have felt.”

See Johnson in action. Mark Steyn via Instapundit.

0 responses to “Throw the bums out

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  2. Dick Stanley

    Has it started already, the capsizing? Or is it Rep. Johnson’s mind that is turning over? Either way, we need to retire him and his political brethren.

  3. He’s, no doubt, from a majority-minority district, and will only leave once dead.

  4. Dick Stanley

    Probably so. Like that black judge in Florida who was removed for theft who then got himself elected to Congress. At least, in Johnson’s case, I suppose a little buffoonery isn’t so bad, as it helps keep the rest of Congress in proper perspective.