Comfort State Bank

bankmuseum1Actually, the Comfort, TX, town museum. Used to be a bank, though. How does a little town rate a museum? It starts by drawing lots of tourists.

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  1. I think every little CS town in Texas has one, now. We have one. West Columbia has one. Freeport. Lake Jackson.

    And like I said, we ran TX-36 from Abilene – seemed like every town we passed one.

    Can’t speak for all the others, but the ones around here are pretty much pitiful. Not much of note in any of them. And this is where the Republic of Texas started – Battle of Velasco, 1st capitol, WB Travis, SF Austin, Anson Jones, Jane Long, etc., lived here in Brazoria.


  2. Dick Stanley

    Not sure what a “CS town” is. The Comfort museum is mostly archives, with locally-produced booklets for sale. But they have displays of period dress and a pre-electricity farm kitchen’s implements. Nicely done.

    I hope you drove through Happy (The Town Without A Frown), my favorite in the Panhandle.

  3. Deming, N.M. has my vote for the best small town museum. Well worth the visit if you are ever in that area.

  4. Dick Stanley

    OK, but why, Tom.? What have they got? Besides desert and cactus? Comfort has the Hill Country, wildflowers, wet-weather creeks and the Guadalupe River.