Civil War reenactors

soldierACW reenactors are an interesting bunch, most often portraying Rebels. Their story is perhaps best told here–despite the author’s ignorance of history and regrettable air of liberal Yankee embarrassment. (It’s said that in Germany, where reenacting also is popular, you have to be Union for two years before you can be a Rebel. Elsewise they’d have no Union reenactors.)

But, wherever they are found, I dislike the Rebel reenactor’s usual odor of unreality. (See above.) Their clothes are too uniform and almost never patched or ragged, much less dirty. Their cap boxes and other accoutrements are too shiny. Moreover, their hair is too short and too clean and their beards (when they have them at all) aren’t scraggly. And, whoa, get this, they all are well shod. T’ain’t realistic t’ all.

UPDATE:  Playing at being Confederates is one thing. Playing at being Union Colored Troops is quite another. The latter are little known and therefore of immense educational value to anyone, whether interested in the war or not.

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