All that remains of Fort Sanders


Just a historical marker two blocks south of the military crest of the ridge. I posted this on the novel’s Web site as well. Will post it here also to give the novel site a little boost. It is not yet attracting as many hits as the 13th MS one, which is understandable I suppose. The MS brigade was famous and still is among the war’s buffs. Fort Sanders was, at best, obscure. Forgotten is even more accurate. That was my gamble novelizing it, but also my opportunity.

0 responses to “All that remains of Fort Sanders

  1. You’re gonna laugh. I used Ft. Sanders as a question in an epic Civil War argument tonight purely to shorten the tongues of the blowhards. It worked, for a minute.

  2. Dick Stanley

    I might laugh, if you told me the question. It would be hard to beat for obscurity.

  3. I started with the commanders, and then backed off to the location. Neither had ever even heard of it.

  4. Dick Stanley

    Heh. I’m not surprised. Still amazes me how it’s been ignored all these years. Considering the death toll.