The heat is on

In  the forecast, anyhow. It’s August. July’s cool and rain is over. One of the coolest and wettest ever. It was pretty nice.

Time to whack us with triple-digit heat. So hundred-degree days are forecast thru Wednesday. Ninety-nines on Thursday and Friday. Yech.

Sez my old meteorologist buddy Bob Rose at the LCRA: “the center of the high pressure ridge is now located over eastern Texas. This means the most stable atmosphere and the hottest temperatures have shifted to Texas and the Lower Mississippi Valley.”

0 responses to “The heat is on

  1. And here we are running A/C non-stop for the last few days – almost unheard of in our parts. 34-37 C and 50% humidity. It get worse at nights with 28-30 C and 75-80 humidity.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Not bad range, 82 to 98 F. Humidity here is 55 percent at the moment. That seems low to me, but I’m used to more.

    Care to guess what it will be like in October?

  3. Oh, much better – aside of an occasional khamsin (hot desert wind), but then it’s mostly dry.