Home protection

A friend who has a license-to-carry—mainly because he’s in the diamond business—was the other evening extolling the virtues of the AK-47 for home protection. I said what do you want that peasant gun for, when you could have a nice M-4?

Upon which he began a woeful tale of reduced powder in the 5.56 cartridges, and why the 7.62 has more stopping power. Nevertheless, I like the Tavor TAR-21, made by Israeli Weapons Industry Ltd., much better. Compact enough to fit under the night stand, too.

Via Simply Jews.

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  1. Be sure to buy 3 or 4 for Zombie Time, because you’ll be the only guy for miles with one. At least you’ll be able to use everybody else’s magazines. 😉

  2. Zombie Time?