Touring the Golan Heights

One of the places Snoopy and I were planning to visit in October was the Golan Heights. Now he’s recovering from a heart attack and I’m trying to decide whether I’m still adventurous enough at sixty-six to go there alone.

Fortunately, there’s always Michael Totten, and his good reporting, editing and picture-taking. This piece of his on the Golan both encourages me to go and makes me realize that I don’t have to. Thanks to the Web, and its undercutting of the old mass media gatekeepers, I can get a feel for the place without leaving home.

I used to donate money to Michael before he went to work for Pajamas Media. Then I got to the bottom of his piece and discovered he still needs contributions. I sent him ten bucks. If you like the piece you should consider it, too. It’s much cheaper than a trip.

UPDATE:  Snoop returns to posting. He’s just going to be a lot slower for a while.

0 responses to “Touring the Golan Heights

  1. Well, you still have to. The eagles hatchery in Gamla is a site to behold personally…

  2. Good idea. I’d also like to visit a winery and the observation point that looks into Syria.