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The religion of peace

Watch yourself in the Sultanate of Brunei:

“A second phase of the law, which will come into force later this year, provides for severing of limbs and flogging for property crimes. A third phase set for late 2015 will allow the justice system to sentence offenders to death by stoning for crimes including adultery and gay sex.”

For that matter, they also have a hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. You don’t suppose…

Via Michael Totten.

New Iran guy same as the old Iran guy

Mamoud-the-Mad is gone, but his Iranian replacement will be better only if you believe in the Tooth Fairy, or Wormtongue’s pretend optimism about somehow, someday, finally making friends with Iran.

The new guy may not be a blathering buffoon but he’s otherwise pretty much same as the old guy. And how could he not be given how Iran’s “democracy,” actually a theocratic dictatorship, really works?

“…Khamenei, Iran’s actual tyrannical ruler, wasn’t elected. He was hand-picked by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. And Khamenei and his claque of appointed jurists hand-picked all the presidential candidates who just stood for election. Those they didn’t approve of (and they were legion) did not get to run…

“[New President] Rowhani has a track record of thuggishness abroad as well as at home. John-Paul Pagano dug up some old reports from Iranian state media detailing Rowhani’s support for the region’s terrorist organizations…”

Funny how this stuff gets overlooked by the usual claque of international pundits, not to mention our ever-dissembling president and his crack team of news media stenographers.

Touring the Golan Heights

One of the places Snoopy and I were planning to visit in October was the Golan Heights. Now he’s recovering from a heart attack and I’m trying to decide whether I’m still adventurous enough at sixty-six to go there alone.

Fortunately, there’s always Michael Totten, and his good reporting, editing and picture-taking. This piece of his on the Golan both encourages me to go and makes me realize that I don’t have to. Thanks to the Web, and its undercutting of the old mass media gatekeepers, I can get a feel for the place without leaving home.

I used to donate money to Michael before he went to work for Pajamas Media. Then I got to the bottom of his piece and discovered he still needs contributions. I sent him ten bucks. If you like the piece you should consider it, too. It’s much cheaper than a trip.

UPDATE:  Snoop returns to posting. He’s just going to be a lot slower for a while.

Death to Dictators

It may take some refreshing and repeat clicking, but this Iranian blogger’s site has good photos and video of the ongoing confrontations. Nice of the regime’s thugs to wear red helmets. Makes it easier to pick them out of the crowd.

Via Michael Totten, who also shares the story of freedom-fighting Nebraskan Howard Baskerville.

Why Russia invaded Georgia

It’s not what you think, what you’ve read or heard thus far from the MSM. Independent journalist ace Michael Totten calls it the truth. As with most truths, it’s long and complicated, but it’s worth the read and consideration. Truth or not, the Russians don’t seem to like it one bit, because Michael’s site seems to be under cyber-attack. I’m categorizing this under The War, as I have all my posts about the Russian invasion of Georgia, because Russia supports the Syrians and Iranians, two countries who support the terrorists we are fighting.

MORE:  One Georgian woman’s tale, from BlackFive, which will update Michael’s link if it changes.

The land between the seas

Independent journalism ace Michael Totten is "in Baku, Azerbaijan, and heading to Georgia in two days." These are shameful times to be an American, having to sit by and watch the rape of Georgia. Totten’s work won’t change that, but at least it will give focus to it. I contribute to his work, and enjoy his eye for detail. You should consider contributing, as well, at the link above.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Totten’s first report from Tbilisi is a good ‘un. And he’s promised another one.

Iraq campaign over?

What, before Baby Barry could make his first trip there in more than two years? Before the Dems could cut and run? Independent correspondent Michael Yon says so. His colleague Michael Totten says it is all but over, and that we won. But this is the Middle East, not middle Europe. So minor violence could still occur, maybe even something spectacular. But basically, they insist, it’s all over, and we and the Iraqi people won it. Yay!

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Even StrategyPage agrees the campaign is basically over. Now, they say, let the corruption begin. But I agree with Instapundit, I can live with that.