National Opt-Out Day

Good thing I’m not flying on Nov. 24, so I don’t have to test this idea. But some people are finally starting to protest the intrusive federal airport security, to include pat-downs of breasts and genitals and scanners showing the body under the clothes.

Cobb sees a perfect opportunity for Obamalot to raise its polling by cutting back on this crap. Not that they would, of course. That would be far too much hope-n-change. Thus opt-out day. Of course if you do “opt out,” you will get the pat-down from the federal stooges. Figures. Screwed either way.

0 responses to “National Opt-Out Day

  1. I think TSA getting more tough is not related to the current administration. Bureaucracies tend to grow from within. Once this beast is created, only killing it will solve the problem.

    On the other hand, it’s not yet the time to kill this specific one.

  2. The president controls the executive branch of the US government, which TSA is part of, so he could alter this if he wanted to. But if he did and another attack occurred and was successful, his polling would dive under the cellar into the bedrock and stay there.

  3. Yes, that too is a good enough reason.