Cowboys 26, Longhorns 3

That’s at the half, and it’s been similarly spread between Oklahoma State and Texas in years past and the Horns came back to win, comfortably or close. Course those were years when they had accurate long passing and reliable receiving.

Not much of either this year. And too many running plays called on 3rd and long. What for? So the score will probably just get worse before its over. Would be nice to see McCoy II take over at least a few series for Gilbert Grape. How much worse could the Freshman do? The Grape is, to put it kindly, erratic.

UPDATE:  Final score: Cowboys 33, Longhorns 16. Just about what the daily’s Kirk Bohls predicted. Alas no Case McCoy, either. The Grape got to lose it all by his lonesome. Nice to see the Ags beat Baylor 42-30 and TCU is still winning.

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