Israel’s “silent majority” speaks up

“This post is mainly for my friends abroad, wherever they are, who may have trouble projecting their beliefs and experiences onto our small but peculiar country….

“It started in a small way, with the cottage cheese boycott. Was it the surprising success of the Facebook-led “uprising” or other reasons, but the unrest spread and continues to spread, expanding into new domains and involving more and more citizens, hitherto inert and apathetic.”

My Israeli pal Snoopy the Goon offers a tentative explanation of the new phenom of Israel’s “silent majority” which has recently hit the streets of Tel Aviv and elsewhere to protest high prices, low influence and, well, my advice is to go here and read it for yourself.

Especially if  you think Israel is only about their decades-old trouble with the intolerant Muslims and the recent dispute with Obamalot.

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  1. Thanks for the plug, much appreciated.