Endorsing Rick

Ace has a good argument for his endorsement of our governor-for-life Rick Perry, the only active-duty military veteran among the potential Republican nominees:

“America, and especially the Republican party, has long favored elevating governors to the presidency. Governors are, after all, the presidents of single states. They have nearly the exact same duties and functions (including even maintaining and controlling the state national guards). They have similar executive powers and set the agendas for their respective legislatures. In the case of border states such as Texas, they even require some foreign policy making duties.”

So does Mike Flynn, editor of Breitbart’s Big Government:

“This isn’t simply an endorsement against Gingrich and Romney; it is an endorsement FOR Rick Perry. Perry is the longest serving governor in Texas history, a state with a long-standing tradition of voting incumbents out of office [true!]. He has successfully managed budget shortfalls without taking the easy path of tax hikes. General Revenue spending, accounting for population and inflation, is lower now then when he took office. He has cut taxes by billions. He has rejected federal dollars when he thought the feds where overstepping their authority….”

I still prefer Newt, because of his proven record (as Speaker of the House) of balancing the federal budget and dismantling the welfare state, and that he’s the most likely one not to defer to Obumbles in debate, but to clean his clock.

But I have to admit that Aggie Rick also appeals (as he does to most Texans) and it would be fun to watch the liberal media (especially the NYTimes) have a nervous breakdown over another president from Texas—and the first real one (i.e. born here) since LBJ. So it’s good to see these prominent members of the conservative blogosphere endorse him.

Gig ‘Em!

Via Instapundit.

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