GWB’s economic legacy

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  1. I personally don’t believe on significant impact POTUS has on economy, but whatever.

    • POTUS has a big effect when he, as Barry does, tries to divide the classes further than they are (since the rich provide the seed money to starting businesses), directs his EPA to increase regulations (i.e. anti-coal raising business as well as consumer electricity costs) and supports higher taxes or at least keeps business wondering when and how high they will go up. The combined effect is that everything stagnates, as our economy has for three years now.

      Doing the opposite, at least until growth returns, is the key and a POTUS has that power. Which makes some people wonder if Barry is trying to kill the economy or is he just a dunce. Following Dinesh D’Souza’s book, I suspect the former. He wants to “downsize” America and also increase dependency on government. If he’s re-elected the economy will get a lot worse. It probably will take Romney a while to reverse these things, but at least he’ll try. Barry won’t.