Mr. B.’s Rangers cap

He bought the cap figuring the Rangers would get back into the World Series again and, just maybe, this time they’d win it. Third time charm and all that.

Instead, they bombed out of the playoffs, homer-hitter Josh Hamilton was booed and may not be back next year and, suddenly, the cap has sentimental value only.

Mr. B. still wears it but now it reminds me of all the years the stRangers faded after the All Star Break. Even TFG, possibly their most loyal fan within a thousand-mile radius of San Antone, isn’t talking about the meltdown of 2012.

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  2. There always is the next year.

  3. Not likely, especially if they trade away their premier home-run hitter Josh Hamilton, which it looks like they will do. And after all the money they spent on the Japanese pitcher Darvish, who turned out to be not that big a deal, as so many other Japanese players have so proved.