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Mr. B.’s Rangers cap

He bought the cap figuring the Rangers would get back into the World Series again and, just maybe, this time they’d win it. Third time charm and all that.

Instead, they bombed out of the playoffs, homer-hitter Josh Hamilton was booed and may not be back next year and, suddenly, the cap has sentimental value only.

Mr. B. still wears it but now it reminds me of all the years the stRangers faded after the All Star Break. Even TFG, possibly their most loyal fan within a thousand-mile radius of San Antone, isn’t talking about the meltdown of 2012.

Cardinal at the rancho

Snoop’s shot of one of our backyard buddies. It’s been long enough since the Rangers lost the series that it’s safe for the bird to show his face again.

The game of failure

Scott at The Fat Guy has the best take on the Rangers’ loss of the Series:

“Yeah, don’t want to much talk about it. Can’t even read the write-ups yet. That’s just the way baseball go. It’s a game designed to break your heart. Congratulations to the Cardinals, a storied franchise and one I respect. I still hate you and your manager, but that’ll go away in a week or two.”

Might take me much longer than that, but it’ll come, no doubt about it.

Series to game 7

In the end, it came down to the Rangers oldest problem: their bullpen. They were scraping the bottom of their pitching barrel when the Cardinals pulled out the win in the 11th inning.

And even after putting in Derek Holland as a reliever and Josh “Hambone” Hamilton hitting his first home run in 82 at-bats to put them ahead by two in the 10th. So impressive that one. Pity it just wasn’t enough. But it could be the portent the Rangers need to win it all tonight. Wait and see.

UPDATE:  It wasn’t and they lost their second shot at the series in as many years, 6-2. But the odds are they’ll be back for another try in 2012.

Good on the Rangers

And good on Derek Holland, he of the barely-mustache, who pitched a super game tonight, to a 4-0 win. Rangers in six is still possible.

Rangers plowed under at home

That Rangers loss tonight by 16-7 was mind blowing. Shades of San Francisco in 2010. Oh my. Leaving me with a few heretical thoughts:

Like everybody else, I like Josh Hamilton. But how about sitting him? His injury obviously is keeping him from running and probably from hitting as well. Just lucky he can field. So far, anyhow.

How about intentionally walking Pujols henceforth? How many home runs do you want him to hit? Especially with runners on base? Walk him, please.

Can we stop with the errors (Ian, Elvis?), and get some power hitting back?

How about kicking that 1B ref out of the park for his obvious bad call? It started a Card rally that never stopped. They kicked out the stupid kid who threw the ball into the outfield, which was correct. Now the ref, if you please.

Not that Wash, or the commenters at BBTIA, would agree with No. 1, but what the hey, it’s time to drop the sentiment and get real.

Let’s go Rangers, let’s go!

They won the second game, 2-1, thanks to Ian, Elvis, Josh and Michael, in the top of the ninth. Whoo-eee, what a game. Then Neftali closed the Cards out.

The chant title is from Mr. B’s old T-ball team, back in ’06, which was also called the Rangers.

Now home to Arlington for three, which could be the four they need. Maybe.