Let’s make the feds gun-free

How about this idea, Mr. President “Gutsy Call”? Since you’re in one of your boilerplate lecturing moods which your admirers claim shows your brilliant intelligence. About how “we” have to take responsibility for guns. Let’s have responsibility start at the top (so to speak) and ban all guns in federal D.C.

Slap “gun-free zone” signs on all federal buildings, especially the White House and the Capitol. Disarm your security minions. Put your lazy, double-talking butts on the line. Join the little kids in their defenseless schools. Hey, but you’ll feel so much more responsible, eh? So much more virtuous. What are you waiting for? Chop, chop!

UPDATE:  Well, I won’t claim credit for inspiration, but by Jan. 12, 2013, someone had started a petition to make the White House, et al, a gun-free zone. Rub their noses in it.

0 responses to “Let’s make the feds gun-free

  1. Heh. A capital (no pun intended) idea…

  2. That’ll be the day. They already exempt themselves from most of the laws they pass.