Texas rep threatens to disobey new gun laws

Back in the day, editors refused to print stories about what some pol “planned” to do. They insisted on waiting until he actually did it. Even broadcast journalists generally obeyed the rule.

Not anymore, apparently. Not when it comes to threatening to disobey new federal laws on guns, whether passed by Congress or imposed by King Barry’s magic “executive” wand.

Personally, I think the Tan Man is blowing a lot of smoke and will actually do nothing very controversial, such as banning semiautomatics or requiring registration for all gun owners.

He’s mainly trying to distract attention from the soaring national debt and what it means for all the rubber checks he’s handing out. But The Gun Salesman of the Century obviously has some folks running scared. Or at least mouthy.

UPDATE:  Indeed, unless I’m misreading something, Barry’s 23 magic wand pronouncements don’t seem controversial to me. The proposed assault gun ban might be, depending on its definition of an “assault gun,” but otherwise…

As for his enhancement of background checks, well, to my mind they already infringe on the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Indeed, they are a de facto form of registration, since the feds would henceforth know you had bought a gun. But they seem to have been upheld by our robed rulers long ago. They’re not something King Barry did.

MORE:  Well, there is the one “order” about how your doctor can (should? must?) ask you about whether you have guns in your home. Ha. He can ask. I will tell him it’s none of his business.

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