Why I joined the NRA, a continuing series

I like their scorched-earth defense of the Second Amendment, which an otherwise good book I’m reading (Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun) contends is counterproductive. The author claims the NRA tries to keep gun owners fearful of losing their right to “keep and bear” a gun, which brings in new members and subscription payments to keep the NRA in business.

I think the NRA is right on target, especially when Leftist Democrats are in power, as they are now, since they like nothing better than to ban things they disagree with and to invent new regulations for Americans to obey. And Barry clearly fits the mold of a gun-grabbing bigot.

The more that guys like King Scold use tragedies like Newtown to blame the gun instead of the shooter, the more support the antigunners get. Recent polls suggest it’s only a matter of time until gun-rights pols will be looking over their shoulders to see antigunner opponents gaining on them.

So the more the NRA attacks such methods, the better the chance of avoiding new gun restrictions. I loved their recent ad underscoring the hypocrisy of the 1 percent, such as MSNBC’s David Gregory, who send their children to private schools with armed security while they refuse to support it for the children of the 99 percent.

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