Typical wet Memorial Day weekend

We got three and a half inches in an hour Friday at the rancho (raining so hard when school let out I went to pick up Mr. B) and another half inch overnight. The waterfall in the back forty was in full flow within 30 minutes.

Supposed to rain more this afternoon. None of which is really surprising. May is our wettest month, on average, and Memorial Day weekend has been rainy pretty much every year since at least the 1981 Memorial Day floods.

Which were so awful (11 inches in three hours) that I briefly reunited with my ex-wife, checking on her safety since she lived near one of the flooded creeks and I didn’t want her parents blaming me for her death. She was okay.

UPDATE:  No rain to speak of at the rancho Saturday, but San Antonio got inundated by 10 inches, sweeping a city bus off the road, and leaving two dead.

MORE:  Did get a downpour Sunday morning that almost immediately put the waterfall back in business for about 30 minutes. Probably an inch altogether.

0 responses to “Typical wet Memorial Day weekend

  1. Re: 1981 Memorial Day floods. My ex and I came in on 183 from Liberty Hill in the storm. Without thinking (a well honed skill I have) I turned down Shoal Creek Blvd. I remember driving in front yards just to get that extra 6 inches even though I was in a 4×4. That was a rain!

  2. Dick Stanley

    Sure was and Shoal Creek was the worst of all below about 45th Street if I remember correctly. Thanks for commenting.

  3. And we here are desalinating sea water like there is no tomorrow, even talking about water surplus. No rains for us…

  4. Dick Stanley

    Odd. Being on the same latitude, your rains usually follow ours and vicsey versy.