Syria’s poison gas: Gulf of Tonkin redux?

Lost amid all the babble about Obongo’s brilliance turning to humiliation in the wink of an eye (couldn’t happen to a ruder SOB) is the alleged case for Syrian president Assad’s use of poison gas on civilians.

Come again? We are to believe this lying, prevaricating, sneering Democrat administration really has proof? Why, exactly? Because Lurch wouldn’t lie? Ha, ha. He’s made a career of lying, starting with his testimony to Congress about systematic war crimes in Vietnam.

There is this from the August 25 edition of USA Today:

“YouTube videos posted by Syrian activists of children gasping for air while being rinsed with water by barehanded medical personnel are not consistent with chemical weapons known to be in the Syrian arsenal, said Dan Kaszeta, managing director of U.K.-based security consultancy Strongpoint Security. Kaszeta worked 20 years on chemical biological and nuclear defense in the U.S. government and military.

“Kaszeta said the videos show convulsions that affect some limbs but not all; no skin burns or blisters, which would indicate mustard gas; and no vomiting. He did not have access to any of the victims and his opinions are based solely on the video.

“‘(With) sarin or nerve agents there would be much more widespread symptoms,’ he said. ‘We need physical evidence, blood, urine, tissue, a chest X-ray of one of these guys who died.'”

It wouldn’t be the first time Muslims phonied up a video. They do it all the time in Gaza. But what we really need are politicians we can believe, and that may be beyond hope. Obozo surely knows from his daily briefings that Assad can’t go to the toilet without permission from Tehran. So if he did this, then Iran is complicit and more. So why are we focusing on Syria?

But more to the point is the little matter of the Gulf of Tonkin attacks that LBJ made up (with the help of the Pentagon) to justify his war policy. And he wasn’t trying to divert attention from a lengthy string of political scandals like Obozo.

LBJ was a Democrat, too. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

UPDATE:  I’m not the only one doubting the admin’s tale: “…there are calls from many quarters for independent, scientific evidence to support the U.S. narrative that the Assad regime used sarin gas in an operation that killed 1,429 people, including more than 400 children.” Good.

There seems to be less doubt that one of Assad’s pilots dropped napalm on a schoolyard but it’s been noted that D.C. is less likely to complain about that since the U.S. military also uses napalm. Tell me again, why is poison gas worse?

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  3. Much as I like conspiracy theories and thrillers, I would say that there are several items worth considering: first that Obama will be very careful not to repeat the mistakes made by previous presidents (including the WMD story by GWB). Then, the check for the presence of sarin (not mustard gas, as mistakenly stated Kaszeta) wasn’t made by US chemists. And finally, you may want to read this document:

    Of course, parts of it or all of it could be rejected if we are bent on doing so. However, the main question will remain: why would Obama want so strongly to get himself into all that trouble, possibly with disastrous consequences. I cannot believe that he is hoping to resolve (or postpone) the internal problems by getting over his head in an international brouhaha.

    • Kaszeta does mention Sarin (in the excerpt above) and, by implication, how it attacks through the skin and causes convulsions and vomiting, etc. and would be fatal to handle a victim ungloved and unmasked. (“Flat Fatima’s” enablers wouldn’t concern themselves with the fine details, of course.)

      So, in the final analysis, you just trust Obozo to be sane. And no sane person, etc…

      But he has proven himself over and over to be very close (if not all the way) to insane. Don’t forget his bold appearance before the UN where he lied to “the world,” as it were, about a video causing the Benghazi murders when he knew otherwise.

      I won’t belabor the conspiracy theory (which, after all is just a theory, though LBJ sure thought he’d get away with it and did for a while), except to say that Obozo has done this sort of thing before. Why else wait for weeks after the supposed gas attack to get all excited about it and then announce that he will bomb Syria? And why Assad when Iran obviously would be the culprit?

      And I’ll add the clincher that would make any sane man (and especially an insane man) believe he could get away with it: the dominant American news media (Democrat) covers for him all the time. Heard any general hue and cry about the Benghazi, the IRS, Fast & Furious, etc., lately? Of course not. Why would they jump ship now?

      It’s said that even future historians will cover for Obumbles, ignoring his obvious deficiencies for fear of being called racist. You have no idea how potent that is here in this age. Critics may talk but blacks will walk. As Al and Jesse might say, counting their CNN bucks, in private.

      It’s still working for Trayvon.

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  5. My condolences for your other bodily parts. I never liked the early hours. Always was a night person. These days I am seeing a lot of sunrises, however.

  6. I am not rejecting this theory out of hand, since no pol in my eyes is beyond suspicion, as you know. However, two questions you pose are easily answered:

    “Why else wait for weeks after the supposed gas attack to get all excited about it and then announce that he will bomb Syria? ”

    Because he really doesn’t want to do it, never did and invented that red line what bit him in the backside eventually. But he found a way to came out a winner, after all as we can see.

    “And why Assad when Iran obviously would be the culprit?”

    If he didn’t want to deal with puny baby Assad, why would he take on Iran? Sorry for that Jewish way to answer a question by a question, but…

    That last point is exactly what makes our pols here mad. Not because they have special problems with baby Assad doing what he does, but because they see how easily BHO maneuvers out of any promise. Which puts a very dark shadow on his promises about Iran, of course.

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  9. Wow, you must love golf. I practice fiddle 2-3 hours a day, but that only involves moving my fingers and one arm. 😉

    Mr. Goon: Your problem is that you treat Obozo as if he were a normal pol with normal needs and decision-making. He is not. He is black and that makes all the difference. No pol in my memory (going back to Eisenhower) has had such consistent obedience from the majority of the news media.

    It takes him out of the realm of normal political decision making and worry about his appearance if he does this or that. His present is safe, his future is safe, his legacy has already been written and it’s just fine. He knows all this. He acts accordingly. He needn’t worry about “coming out a winner.” He’s a winner already, no matter what he does.

    Israel is right to worry. His promises are worthless.

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  11. My father took me golfing once after I came home from Vietnam. Once. He never did it again. I think he learned some new words that day.

  12. Just imagine, if Texas had had voter ID all those years ago, LBJ might never have been elected senator…

    Golf for a beginner is addicting for some because of the one or two excellent shots one makes per 18 holes. The feeling of a nice shot, well, it’s nice.

  13. “Golf for a beginner is addicting for some because of the one or two excellent shots one makes per 18 holes. The feeling of a nice shot, well, it’s nice.” That is the work of the “golf gods” a more malevolent group has never existed!

  14. “Do you have a hobby that you enjoy?”

    “No. I play golf.”