Police frenzy

Did it really require twenty police cars to chase down the driver of a black Nissan sedan which allegedly tried to ram a barrier at the White House, ran into a Secret Service agent and then sped away to the Capitol?

And did these trigger-happy police really have to shoot and kill the driver when she got out of the car and fled on foot? Turns out the 34-year-old dental technician and mother of a toddler wasn’t even armed. Not that the cops seemed to care. Anymore than they cared about who they might have run over in their frenzy to be part of the chase.

Never mind Islamic terrorism. Officer Friendly is the real menace these days.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Her family, of course, also wonder why she had to die. She shouldn’t have, and if we had responsible law enforcement, she wouldn’t have.

4 responses to “Police frenzy

  1. Sounds like a mental case. And as for shooting: yes, give several cops a gun and a target…

  2. On the plus side, they managed to kill her without wounding several bystanders. In that respect, they’re better than the NYPD.

    I’m curious to know about how many rounds they expended though.

  3. Dick Stanley

    They ought to be arrested, jailed, indicted and tried for murder.

  4. 7 rounds were counted (so far).