A sad Barrycade story

PFC Cody Patterson, a young Army Ranger and a friend of Darkwater’s son, was one of four U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan recently, and Darkwater’s son escorted his remains home.

But Cody’s family must now scrounge for the expenses to get him buried, thanks to Obutthead and his slim-down, shut-down kabuki. The Republican House passed a bill to restore the federal money the White House cut off for such things, but the bill seems to be stalled by the petulant in the Democrat Senate.

Read the whole sad story at the links, complete with Darkwater’s photo of young Cody, a captain of his high school football team. The Oregonian newspaper’s see-no-evil version of the hassle is here.

5 responses to “A sad Barrycade story

  1. Things like this, and like my childhood and boot camp buddy’s son who had trouble getting back from The Stan after his tour…there needs to be a n org to help vets in these kinds of situations. The Fisher House is fine, but do they help in all cases? Hard to imagaine that they do.

    I know the American Legion and VFW are out there, why can they not do something other than sit in their meeting halls and bitch about this bunch of vets? The old WWII vets damn sure didn’t try to do anything for us, but those guys are mostly kaput, now.

    That said, when you get out, there are a hell of a lot of instances when our guys weren’t all that interested in heading home immediately…

  2. Thanks for the thoughts, Dick. SPC Patterson (promoted posthumously) and his full escort will be passing through his hometown this afternoon so the public can pay its respects.

    His memorial service will be Sunday at the nearby Oregon State University campus, to accomodate the crowd, which will include quite a few Rangers flying in.

    On a side note, the insane Westboro ‘Baptist Church’ have announced that they will show up. We already have plans in place should they show (not guaranteed — they like to yank the chain of anyone grieving), so we’ll see how that goes if there is a problem. Those clowns want some kind of incident so thay can try to sue somebody (practically the whole family are lawyers), so they are really nothing more than a pack of religious-sounding prostitutes.

    But the focus will be on Cody’s family and the community, and the example that Cody set.

  3. Those “Baptists” are bizarre. I’m surprised they’re still breathing after some of their “confrontations,” such as at Texas A&M.

    An OCS classmate of mine runs the statewide VFW in Indiana, JD. They’re specifically dedicated to the new, mostly young, veterans of Iraq and Afghan. Some weeks he does little else but attend funerals and working Purple Heart cases. He used to come visit often when his daughter attended Texas State, down the road in San Marcos, but not since she graduated.

  4. The patience of Americans in dealing with the Westboro ‘Baptist Church’ abomination is nothing short of miraculous. Especially during the military funerals.

  5. They managed to dodge the confrontation at A&M. I wrote a post about it, including some details of where these idiots come from.


    The more that you look into these clowns, the more you despise them.