Rule 5: Lauren Thompson


This is a Golf Channel commentator? So they say.

Via The Fat Guy.

6 responses to “Rule 5: Lauren Thompson

  1. Hey, smart guy, she wants to commentate on golf, let her. She’s more interesting than Tiger Woods is on any day of the week.

  2. Better looking, anyhow, though I’ll bet he knows a lot more about golf.

  3. Thanks, Dick, for making golf exciting for me, finally 😉

  4. Oh, indeed. Always bored me, too. Before.

  5. “Do you have a hobby that you enjoy?”

    “No. I play golf.”

    But I’ve never seen anything that looks like that associated with golf. Her unusual stance is probably because the slightest movement would create a major wardrobe malfunction.

    It’s interesting that women commentators in professional sport got their jobs through a healthy dose of feminist whining about equality. Yet whatever shred of professionalism they claim is dashed when they cash in with cheesecake photos (to put it mildly) like this. Don’t get me wrong, I like the photos, but please dispense with the whining about “You don’t take me seriously!”