The Waterloo Trio


The Waterloo Trio is my favorite semi-classical (well, Bjork to Beethoven) Austin ensemble, partly because the fiddler James Anderson (on the left) is my fiddle teacher. But they’re also just fun to listen to.

Other members are Jonathan Geer, at the piano, and Tony Rogers on cello. Their first CD (mostly composed by Jonathan) is worth buying (or at least playing the excerpts at the link to decide which one to buy) and they have a second one in the works.

All three of them also are part of James’s jazz ensemble the Austin Piazolla Quintet. And they are also  freelance musicians, Jonathan composing themes for computer games and Tony and James acting as sidemen for various artists. If you like jazz, for instance listen to James’s beautiful violin lead on singer Suzi Stern’s “Tango for Tina.”

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