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Those hapless Horns

The terrible thing about Longhorns football these days is not just that they lose so often, but that they do it so boringly. Every time they get the football you just know they’re not going to do anything spectacular with it.

A Texas Tech team can almost beat TCU one week, then fall spectacularly to Baylor the next. The Horns almost beat Cal and the Little Okies and then roll over and play dead for TCU. They were scary bad.

Now all the fair-weather Horns fans want Charlie Strong’s head on a platter. But we know he’ll get another season to keep trying to turn things around. And he should. Just making their play less boring would help, Chuck. A few trick plays, maybe?

The Stronghorns

Catchy moniker, yes? Now we’ll see what Mr. Charlie Strong can do with Mack’s recruited talent. Whether, in fact, he wants them all. Or will find a way to unload some. He surely needs a much better QB, with no history of concussions.

Strong being black will definitely be a factor in his recruiting in Texas and out, given that, what, two-thirds of college players are black. At least two thirds of most teams. Sez commenter SW M at Forbes:

“One important reason to hire Charlie Strong is [black coach] Kevin Sumlin. Sumlin has generated enormous interest among high school players, especially African Americans, in playing at Texas A&M. Charlie Strong is the best possible response to this very serious threat to the Texas program going forward.”

Sure looks that way. But it remains to be seen how Strong, whom some sports writers say is a thin-skinned disciplinarian, will work out with players who are used to pampering. Being called “kids,” among other things. Not to mention how Strong will scheme to beat OU (which just beat Alabama), OK State, Baylor, etc. Four years of whooping up on Rutgers, East Kentucky and Florida International are not much training for the Big 12.

It was a liberal U’s PC hire, obviously, whatever they say and they certainly won’t admit it, but even though the guy coached football at a basketball school in a second tier conference, he did help Florida win two titles. It might turn out really well. If he can handle the off-field hassles: the occasionally-nasty local media, always whiny fan base, and a few backstabbing big donors.

For now the new nickname, Stronghorns, is a success. Just win, Charlie, just win. Do that and everything else will take care of itself. Hook ‘Em!

Don’t pack, Mack, OK?

Who cares what the daily’s sports columnist Kirk Bohls (good as he is) thinks you should do? He never liked you, anyhow, dubbing you “the clapper” for your usual sideline way of cheering. And the fans? Shoot, they’re never happy for long.

You’ve built the Longhorns from a pretty-good regional player into an internationally-recognizable franchise. So what if you’ve had a few ho-hum seasons lately? Considering all the injuries this year, and Case’s naturally-erratic quarterbacking, what else could you do but hang on to the whirly-gig? You couldn’t play the game for them. Getting to 8-4 was pretty good under the circumstances.

Yes, we’re all sorry you didn’t recruit Johnny Football (who wanted to be a Longhorn) or Jameis (where do black mothers come up with these stupid names?) Winston (who also wanted to wear Burnt Orange), but how could you know they’d be great and you’d be stuck with a concussion case? Or that Swoopes’s passing ability would choke in the college game?

Most of the teams you did recruit finished in the top 15 rankings of the Associated Press college poll for 10 consecutive years until 2009. You can get back there again.

The funniest thing I read all week in the daily’s plethora of will-he-won’t-he (with the clear implication that they want you to) resign stories was columnist Cedric Golden’s remark that colleges across the country are watching this coaching drama at one of the world’s richest universities. And? They’re raising their coach’s salaries and extending their contracts as fast as they can. Cause UT could buy ’em all. At the same time. In large part, thanks to you, Mack.

So don’t pack. I, for one, want you to stick around and keep plugging away. Keep clapping. You’ll get to the title game again, for the third time, and, maybe, win it again. Like the first time. OK?

UPDATE: Mack resigned on Saturday. What a shame. Good luck, Mack!

Jordan Shipley


If there’s one thing the Longhorns miss more than any other this season, it’s a reliable receiver (who doesn’t drop balls) like Jordan Shipley. But he plays for the Cincinnati Bengals, now. Where I’m sure he’s happier. As well as paid.

Okies vs Horns

At the half it’s Oklahoma 21 to 7. Hard to say what will happen. The Texas defense has had some good stops, but the Texas offense looks too ragged for optimism.

UPDATE:  With less than 2 minutes to play, it’s obvious the Horns will lose this one. Okies 28 to 20, so far.

You held your breath every time the Texas offense had the ball. Whenever they did something good, which wasn’t often, they either couldn’t capitalize on it or they drew penalties that called it back. This is the worst Texas football team in many years. If they don’t wind up with a losing season, it will be a miracle.

Nebraska will definitely get its revenge. Heck, Baylor probably has a shot, too.

MORE:  Alamo Bowl on line 1 for you, Mack. Assuming you’re bowl-eligible, by then, which is not to be comfortably assumed at this point.

Texas vs UCLA

UCLA has Texas 13 to 3 at the half, in one of the worst Texas games I’ve seen in many years. Four Texas turnovers were bad enough, but QB Garrett Gilbert seems stuck on short-yardage passes or incomplete long ones. Plus the offensive line isn’t protecting him and the defense can’t seem to throttle the UCLA running game. I’ll be surprised if Texas pulls out a win on this one.

UPDATE. They didn’t. UCLA creamed ’em 34 to 12. The second half boos from the Texas fans reported by AP were well-deserved. It’s heretical, but I really think they ought to replace Gilbert with his backup. (Chris Simms, that’s who GG reminds me of. Arrgh.) Course they first have to find some receivers who won’t drop the ball. And an offensive line to protect the new quarterback.

Alamo Bowl, here they come. If they’re lucky.

MORE: From the daily’s sportswriter Kirk Bohls’ conclusions on the game:

“They are a young team that can’t run, can’t block, can’t catch, doesn’t have anyone remotely resembling a big-time, playmaking quarterback yet, makes horrible decisions on special teams and decides not to tackle when momentum heads to the exits.”

And their next two games are against Oklahoma and Nebraska. Lordy.

AND:  Inevitably, Texas fell from its No. 7 perch in the AP media poll to No. 21. Also from No. 4 to No. 16 in the USA Today coaches’ poll.

Beating Oklahoma (No. 8 in the media poll) and Nebraska (No. 6 in the media) would elevate Texas in the rankings again, but neither seems likely now.

Horns to NFL

Congrats to Earl Thomas (Seattle), Sergio Kindle (Baltimore), Lamarr Houston (Oakland), Jordan Shipley (Cincinnati), Roddrick Muckelroy (also Cincinnati), and Colt McCoy (Cleveland).

The daily is sputtering over McCoy, the winningest, etc. being a late, second round pick (long after Bradford and Tebow), but I’m not surprised. I still say he’s injury prone and I think we’ll see that in his (probably short) pro career.