The Israel Longhorns Project

Can’t think of a better Christmas present for Texas than this idea of breeding Longhorns in Israel.

Longhorn meat eats sweet, has less cholesterol and calories than chicken, the animals thrive in hot, dry places like the Negev Desert where other cattle don’t, are disease resistant and docile (despite those wicked horns) and so can be herded on foot.

They even like to eat cactus.

The only condition: You can’t have Bevo. He (and his harem) are busy.

Only problem I see is the project guy doesn’t update his blog often. Get on it!

3 responses to “The Israel Longhorns Project

  1. Sounds yummy. But we don’t have as many cacti as, say, Arizona. Anyhow, I am all for longhorns. Or anything else that will reduce the price of beef here.

  2. A great idea. The irony is that it is likely Texas A&M that is handling the support, & the King Ranch is probably involved too – they’ve had a huge concern for adapting exotic animals for different areas.

  3. I didn’t see anything on the Aggies or the King Ranch at the project’s Web site. It would seem like they should be involved, at least the Ags.