Have yourself a Jewish little Christmas

The top ten Christmas songs? From Silver Bells to White Christmas? All written by Jews. Case you didn’t know it.

Enjoy them, one by one, on YouTube. Unless there’s a piano in your house, in which case, there’s liable to be sheet music available for almost every one of them.

Not a big surprise, this, considering the history of American popular music is largely a Jewish one.

Although I think we can skip over Rap. Mercifully. Do the rappers do Christmas? Well they “sing” Ho, Ho, Ho a lot.

5 responses to “Have yourself a Jewish little Christmas

  1. “The Agency has [put] in place additional safeguards…”

    Ha, ha, yeah, I’ll bet. More paperwork that nobody will read.

  2. I’d like to add to this that the world famous Wedding March was written by the Jew Mendelssohn.

  3. Well, yes, but we’re talking Christmas pop here. Or we were. I think.

  4. Some people are so traumatized by the Wedding March they will add it to any topic 😉