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Riot Ninjas

Michael Lind, a prof at the LBJ School at UT-Austin, explains the burning and looting: “The riots are a hub city (New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington and Austin) phenomenon—and so are their most striking participants, affluent young white rioters dressed like ninjas.”

Antifa. Lind is author of The New Class War which goes into more detail.

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Fauda, Season 2

Fauda the second time around is better than ever. Through episode six anyhow. Now blending the IDF elite force against Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and ISIS. With sometimes help from the PA which doesn’t want the competition. Nor, at times, does Hamas. So they fight each other.

“What distinguishes the series from a run of the mill tale of Good & Evil, is its ambivalence and its ever-changing perspective as the narrative switches back and forth between Israelis and Palestinians. That is its claim to originality and excellence…

“To begin, the protagonists look, walk, dress and speak the same, with Palestinians and Israeli switching smoothly from Hebrew to Arabic, and vice versa…It doesn’t require a subtle mind to get the subtext: Look how alike we are.”

Indeed, it’s easy, at times, to forget who the bad guys are. Well, for one on the outside looking in. One knows it’s not so simple on the inside.

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The Six Day War: 50 years later

“Saturday night (June 10 [1967]) there was another meeting. The IDF had attacked from the [southern Golan Heights]. The Syrian army collapsed, said [Gen. Moshe] Dayan, and we had to take advantage of this. [Prime Minister Levi] Eshkol explained, rather lamely, that ‘Dayan told me,’ but he hadn’t stopped the advance because he was in favor of it. During the meeting, word arrived that the two IDF columns had met in the center of the Golan. The ministers stood for a moment of silence in honor of the fallen, then drank ‘l’chaim.’”

Good reading for history buffs, particularly Israeli history, in this first part of the “secret transcripts of the Six Day War” of the government security cabinet. In those days the pols didn’t run military operations.

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UPDATE:  The anniversary won’t be remembered fondly by all, and the achievement could be reversed, if anyone takes the pre-1967 lines as a starting point for peace negotiations seriously. The Israelis won’t.

Let the murderous Pallys have their state

Then, when they start knifing Israelis, shooting at cars on Israel’s highways or launching missiles like their buds in Gaza, bomb them into the stone age.

“…this seemingly complex conflict has only two simple, practical solutions. The first is to agree with Abbas that Oslo is dead, and act swiftly and mercilessly against the terrorist cells that launch or inspire those who stab, shoot, and blow up Jews….

“…the second practical solution: the unilateral disengagement plan…unilaterally annex a thin strip of the West Bank. Annex it, and annex the Jordan Valley, too…

“Israeli Arabs who deeply resent living in a Jewish state—like the scum who sipped his soft drink as innocents were being stabbed in front of his eyes in Jerusalem the other day, or the shopkeepers who laughed and spat at a wounded Jewish woman seeking shelter for herself and her toddler—could opt to move to the other side of the fence…”

Where these darlings of  the West’s leftist news media fascists could wallow in their own Muslim kleptocracy. It won’t satisfy them or the Dictator’s Club (aka the United Nations), but so what? When they have a state, treat them like any other foreign power. If they attack, declare war like any state would and bomb them mercilessly.

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Black bigotry

“Tablet Magazine, an online Jewish publication, published an editorial Friday [Crossing A Line To Sell A Deal] calling out President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party for their use of anti-Jewish rhetoric in an effort to whip up public support for the Iran deal.”

Some deal. Peace in our time? Hardly. Lotsa bucks for Iran’s military.

Via Breitbart Big Government

UPDATE:  Poor Barry. He thought he could lie his way out of his treasonous obeisance to the Mullahs. You know, like he did with Obamacare, Benghazi, etc.

Obama helps Iran get the bomb

Our Little Barry Hussein and his pal Lurch have pretended for months that they were drawing up a treaty with Iran to stop or at least slow their acquisition of nuclear weapons.

Instead, as is increasingly becoming apparent, they are consistently covering for Iran, almost acting as if they were Tehran’s defense lawyer against the West. Thereby helping the Iranians get the bomb. Appeasement that could very well lead to a nuclear World War III

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu says the deal is “paving Iran’s way to many nuclear bombs and gives it hundreds of billions of dollars for its terrorism and conquest machine, thereby endangering the peace of the entire world.”

That’s about right, since the “deal” mainly depends on the word of dictators whose word has never been good.

Via Tablet Magazine & United With Israel.

UPDATE:  They will cheat, we will do nothing. An Iranian victory; a Western catastrophe.

MORE:  From military historian Frederick Kagan: “…the agreement says nothing about Iran’s terrorist activities, human-rights violations or role in regional weapons proliferation—all of which were drivers of the embargo in the first place. Iran makes no commitment to change its terrorist or oppressive ways, but the international community promises to eliminate those sanctions anyway.”

Have yourself a Jewish little Christmas

The top ten Christmas songs? From Silver Bells to White Christmas? All written by Jews. Case you didn’t know it.

Enjoy them, one by one, on YouTube. Unless there’s a piano in your house, in which case, there’s liable to be sheet music available for almost every one of them.

Not a big surprise, this, considering the history of American popular music is largely a Jewish one.

Although I think we can skip over Rap. Mercifully. Do the rappers do Christmas? Well they “sing” Ho, Ho, Ho a lot.