The FBI’s latest scandal

What can you say about a federal police agency whose longtime boss was a cross-dresser? Who ordered the wire-tapping of Dr. Martin Luther King because he was a suspected Communist, even though that wasn’t a crime? The very agency which failed to uncover and stop the 9/11 perpetrators before they could act?

You’d have to say that what the ACLU calls the FBI’s “warrantless wiretapping, racial and religious profiling, biased counterterrorism training materials, politically motivated investigations, abusive detention and interrogation practices, and misuse of the No-Fly List to recruit informants” was no surprise.

Nor should be their latest lapdog performance for the White House and Democrats in covering-up the IRS scandal by pronouncing no need for criminal indictments without even interviewing the victims of the tax agency’s abuse of its authority. No surprise. No surprise at all.

UPDATE:  More on the 41 victims the FBI ignored. Very professional. You bet.

2 responses to “The FBI’s latest scandal

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