Gender studies

Reading a post by J.D. over at Mouth of the Brazos about his hunt for a new stove reminded me of a curious encounter with gender politics last month.

The ice-maker in our 13-year-old fridge started producing not cubes of ice but giant icebergs by apparently leaking water onto cubes already made. After removing several of the bergs with much chopping and cursing, I figured Mrs. C. would insist on a new fridge though we’ve had no other problems with the thing.

She surprised me when she didn’t say any such thing, but went and found the replacement ice-maker online and then, wonder of wonders, installed it by herself. Only the cover was upside down. I knew it wasn’t wise but I couldn’t resist pointing it out. I tried to back-fill by insisting that it was a minor matter and I would never mention it again.

She fixed it. Looks like I’m going to be in complete retirement soon.

3 responses to “Gender studies

  1. I thought I already mentioned this…I don’t ever want another fridge with an icemaker. The water sucks so bad here at the Gulf Coast that none of them last more than a year. Water heaters are also consumed quickly.

    There is just too much crap in the water, and the treatment facilities are inadequate. That’s why we buy water. I am not drinking the cow, coon, possum, deer, and people waste out of the thousand or so miles of the Brazos.


    • We have limestone in the water. Cuts the life of dishwashers to a few years at most. Doesn’t seem to affect the ice maker, though, and taste is normal. Though, come to it, maybe that’s why the ice-maker caved. Took thirteen years, however.

  2. Uhu: 1:0 goes to the better gender. Watch your step…