The dumbass generation

They wear shorts in the winter: knee-length basketball shorts for boys, crotch-hugging short-shorts for girls. Mr. Boy wears his daily, even when the temperature is in the 20s, which is about as cold as it usually gets in the daytime here in CenTexLand.

I think he’s deficient in common sense, but, then, so are the rest of the kids his age at his middle school. As near as I can tell most of them do it, too. Nevermind the Millennials. This is the dumbass generation.

Because, wandering the Google trail, I find it’s common across the country for kids his age to wear shorts in the winter, and it has been for several years now—even in Iowa, in the snow, and in New England when it’s 10 below.

Mr. B. swears he isn’t cold, swears he’s not trying to be a macho man. Has to be a fashion thing. I’m sure of it because when I drive him somewhere the first thing he does is turn up the car heater. So I know he’s really cold. How could he not be?

I turn the heat back down because I’ve already got on three layers and I’m not interested in sweating underneath them. He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t want to call attention to the fact that, underneath the swagger, he’s freezing.

6 responses to “The dumbass generation

  1. Ah, but try to recall what kind of things you have done at his age because of peer pressure.

  2. Nothing (like this) that announced to the world that I was a dumbass.

  3. I don’t see the point but it was funny. I suppose you mean I’m saying we were so poor we had to wear warm clothes in the winter. Yes, that was a hardship, alright.

  4. A little tongue in cheek on how the older generation always think the younger generation never get’s it.

  5. Ah, so what we have here is not stupidity but progressive behavior the old cannot appreciate, locked as they are in their primitive need to stay warm and avoid pneumonia. If only we understood, we, too, would run half-naked through the snow. I don’t think so.