IRS abuse of conservative groups to continue

With the FBI in the bag (refusing to investigate previous IRS abuses), the Democrats are strengthening the tax agency’s ability to throttle the Tea Party and other conservative political groups. The abuses shall go on!

Their aim? The November elections, of course, where Democrats might be vulnerable due to the Obamacare train wreck, the continued dormant economy and high unemployment, and the NSA spying revelations.

It’s IRS targeting all over again, only this time by administration design and with the raw political goal—as House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R., Mich.) notes—of putting ‘tea party groups out of business.'”

Meanwhile the IRS will allow the unions that normally support Democrat pols and policies, to continue on their merry political way as always. The IRS: A Democrat political machine.

4 responses to “IRS abuse of conservative groups to continue

  1. This feels like a tipping point. It was bad enough when the FB I turned over all the files on the political enemies of the Clintons, but now it’s both the FB I and the IRS. Along withthe CIA leaking information against the Bush administration, the federal careerists are in the tank with the Democrats who want to expand and protect the government.

  2. It is a bit scary when the feds feel free to be this blatant about it. I’m glad I’m not running a Tea Party group, though I have a friend in San Antonio who is.

    The old news media is enabling this by looking the other way, with the exception of this WSJ columnist. I thought this blatant bias of the old news media started with their treatment of Bush-the-younger. I forgot about them carrying water for the Clintons. I remember now that even Newsweak tried to cover up the Lewinsky deal—giving Drudge his first big story.

    I keep searching for an encompassing short phrase to identify these news lapdogs (other than lapdogs) and old news media seems to work. Fertile ground for a maverick outfit like Fox News. I’d think there’d be more of them. I still laugh when a certain columnist with the Austin daily tees off on Fox News. Boy do they hate Fox.

  3. Well, all that is needed then is to win the elections in 2016 and turn that machine the other way.

  4. If the Reps win back the Congress this year and the White House in 2016 (neither a sure bet at this point) they’d better turn the machine off and dismantle it—unless they want the hatred of government the Democrats have created to keep growing on their watch.